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SALTO SPACE -Data-on-Card-

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SALTO Neo Cylinder


SVN-based networked data-on-card smart access control

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These solutions make smart access to any door possible.

Easy to install and retrofit your SALTO Neo over the existing cylinder and door.Extensive range of wire-free, stand-alone electronic cylinders designed for any kind of standard doors where fitting a conventional electronic lock is not possible or required. Installation takes less than 5 minutes – and is done without screws or drilling.


Complete mobile-compatible electronic cylinder makes it easy and secure to incorporate smartphones combined with physical keycards as a part of your access control solution.

Using smart keys and mobile technology with the SALTO Neo Cylinder allows users to manage access rights – quickly and keyless – which is more secure than using mechanical keys. Programming a new key for a user, adjusting access rights or removing a lost key from the system can be done quickly, easily and cost-effectively.There is also additional value in the flexibility, convenience and operational efficiency provided by the SALTO Neo Cylinder’s keyless technology.


Stand-alone SVN electronic cylinder with RFID, NFC and Bluetooth technology.

Standalone, virtually networked, BLUEnet and wireless electronic cylinder, all working within a single access control technology platform designed for any type of building needs or door type. The SALTO Neo Cylinder adds SALTO SVN-Flex technology, which increases the potential, efficiency and reliability of the SALTO SVN, yielding better security, control and convenience for users and sites.

SALTO JustIN Mobile technology is onboard every cylinder. This gives users and system administrators the capability to send or receive a mobile key to open any door or gate with an installed SALTO Neo Cylinder with their iOS or Android Bluetooth or NFC-enabled smartphone. This adds incredible convenience and efficiency for end users in the field which is where a SALTO Neo Cylinder would most likely be used.


The SALTO NEO Cylinder provides the most efficient, secure and convenient way of securing your building and assets.

An easy to use rectangular profile design knob electronic cylinder that integrates all your physical security needs through networked, stand-alone battery operated wireless smart cylinders, giving you all the latest users’ access information for virtually all of the doors in your facility. Can be installed in any door made of wood, glass or metal. Suitable for installation in fire doors.

Designed with the latest technologies to protect against advanced attacks, SALTO’ Neo Cylinder technology leverages industry-leading security practices, including advanced encryption to provide users a secure and seamless keyless experience.

Technical Data


Black finish White finish

Reader: Black, White

Satin Stainless Steel Polished Stainless Steel Satin Brass Polished Brass Black

Knob: Satin Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Antique Brass, Satin Brass, Polished Brass, Black



Number of openings

100.000 to 130.000 operations

Power source


Modular Design

Aesthetic rectangular profile knob design compatible with every market standard (Euro, Swiss, Oval UK, ANSI, Scandinavian, RIM…) and function models (Single, double, half, padlock…)


BLUEnet Wireless / JustIN Mobile

Operating platform system

SALTO SPACE - Data-on-Card - / SALTO KS – Keys as Service -

Smart key


Environmental conditions

-20ºC / +55ºC

IP Certifications

IP66 Waterproof performance and high durability


EN 15684, EN 1634-1 - E120 - EI90 - EI60

Highest security level

SKG*** / VDS BZ+

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